Here Are the Best Times to Post on Social Media

Whether you’re a marketer managing several social accounts, or a recruiter trying to work your channels around filling roles, we all know how hard posting the right social media content at the right time can be. 

But these days 79% of candidates use social media to look for roles, so if you want your job ads, and branded posts to get maximum exposure, you need to master the best times to post.

The good news is, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in…


Research tells us candidates are more likely to apply for roles on Tuesdays. With this in mind, here’s when it’s best to post your jobs on LinkedIn.

Best time to post your jobs on LinkedIn:

Best times to post: Tuesday 12pm or 5pm-6pm

Other good times to post: Mondays and Wednesdays

Times to avoid: Thursday and Friday

Best time to post on LinkedIn for your brand:

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to post jobs, look for prospects and source their candidates, but it’s also a great channel for building up your personal, or company brand.

Best time to post: Wednesday at 12pm

Other good times to post: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 8am–10am and 5pm–6pm

Time to avoid: Monday and Friday after 11am


It’s recommended that businesses post up to 15 tweets a day on Twitter for maximum impact. This makes Twitter a great channel for sharing multiple posts in a day without having to worry too much about outsmarting the algorithm.


Best time to post your jobs on Twitter:

Best times: Wednesday 7am–9am and Tuesday 2pm–5pm

Times to avoid: Saturdays

Best time to post on Twitter for your brand:

Twitter might not be the leading tool for recruiting, but it’s still one of the better platforms for publishing a variety of content to strengthen your brand.

Best times to post: Wednesday and Friday 7am–9am

Other good times to post: Weekdays between 2pm–5pm

Times to avoid: Saturdays


Facebook might not scream ‘jobs board’ but it does have a jobs section, and it is still the world’s most popular social media channel. Here’s when it’s best to post on Facebook for recruitment.

Best time to post on Facebook for recruitment

Unlike, Twitter or Instagram, Facebook has A dedicated jobs section. This paired with it’s popularity make it a great place to advertise roles. Here’s when to post them on your company page.

Great Times to post: Thursday 1pm

Other good times to post: Tuesdays 9am–5pm

Times to avoid: Saturday and Sunday

Best time to post on Facebook for your brand

Facebook turned into a money game in recent years. If you want to grow your business page, it’s now pretty difficult unless you can splash the cash and run a paid social campaign.

Best times to post: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am–1pm

Other good times to post: Weekdays between 1pm–5pm

Times to avoid: Saturday and Sunday evenings


When we think of Instagram, we think more about #throwbackthursdays posts than job ads. But Instagram has the highest engagement level on any social media platform, so it’s definitely one we can’t ignore for recruitment.

There’s no dedicated jobs section, and it’s not easy to share direct links to job ads. But the platform’s popularity, and visual nature makes Instagram the best social channel for brand building and engaging with your audience.

Best time to post on Instagram for your brand

Best times to post: Weekdays from 11am–2pm

Other good times to post: Weekdays from 4pm–6pm

Times to avoid: Sunday

We've talked about the best times to post on social media to get maximum engagement but if you want to recruit from your social channels, you need to have a firm strategy in place.

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