How to Be Even More Persuasive on the Phone

It’s no secret that the best recruiters are able to demonstrate real sales ability. Whatever sector you are working in, there are inevitably going to be situations where you have to sell to someone, either over the phone or in person. Recruiters are, by their nature, naturally talented in sales, but there are some simple techniques that you can use to elevate yourself above your competitors, close more business, and place more candidates:

1. Make Your Introduction About The Customer

Do your research before you pick up the phone, and make sure you have some relevant information to hand so you can demonstrate your expertise. If it’s a client, make sure you know their industry, and have some examples of companies in their sector that you’ve helped in the past. If it’s a candidate, let them know about jobs you’ve filled that are similar to theirs, and show that you’ve really read their CV. These steps are still uncommon enough that your customers will appreciate the effort, and will be more likely to consider what you have to say.

2. Set A Winning Tone

Your tone when making a call is incredibly important. If you start to waiver or sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, the person at the other end of the phone will pick up on it and you lose credibility. Make sure that you’re confident in everything you plan to say before you make the call, and that you’re sure of your facts.

Make sure you’re polite and friendly as well as confident. It’s always a good idea to make sure you can pronounce the name of the person you’re speaking to, and make sure you pace your speech. One of the most common mistakes you see from anyone selling – particularly over the phone – is they speak too fast. Slow down and give your customer the opportunity to respond.

3. Listen To Their Needs

It’s very easy to dominate a conversation when you’re trying to sell your services or a candidate. It makes sense that you would want to promote how your services add value, but that’s not going to gain the customer’s confidence. Make sure you ask what your customer’s needs are. Compile a list of key questions that will give you lots of useful information, and make sure to include a few probing questions that will help you identify any pain points with the customer. Once you have this information you can start to address their needs and promote your services in a more targeted way.

4. Take Advantage Of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

If you can demonstrate to your customers that by passing on your services they are at risk of missing out, they are much more likely to take you on. For candidates, this might mean demonstrating that you have inroads to companies they want to work for that nobody else has, and for clients it might be promoting a particular sector expertise or piece of software that you use.

If you feel like they are worried about missing out then you can create a sense of urgency by re-iterating what they stand to lose out on. Always be genuine about your deadlines and availability though, if a customer feels like they’ve been lied to that will be very harmful to your relationship.

5. Give A Little To Get A Lot

Not enough recruiters give their customers anything at the beginning of the relationship, but simple psychology tells us that a person is much more likely to want to help you if you help them. To use this in sales, think about approaching a new customer with some useful information which they could use, or send a prospective candidate a guide on how to format their CV. It’s a small gesture, but will really help you to stand out from your competitors. You could even send them a physical gift! Though remember, it’s more about how useful a gift is, than how much you spent on it.

6. Give A Summary When Closing

When you’re wrapping up a conversation with your customer, make sure that you summarise everything you’ve talked about. This ensures that you’re both on the same page, and there are no surprises down the line that could cause them to stop using your services. Make sure you iron out any problems during the initial period, you’ll thank yourself for it a few months down the line.

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Andy Robertson

Andy is a Sales and Key Account Manager working at PSP Media Group, Glasgow.

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