How to Do Recruitment Canvass Calls Right

You only have a limited amount of time when talking to prospects by phone. Often, their first response to a recruitment sales call is simply to hang up. So, you need to make every second and every word count. To help you do just that, here are some tips on what to say in your recruitment canvass calls...

Ask Open Ended Questions

By asking open ended questions you encourage the prospect to engage with you. Some of the best words and phrases to use in recruitment canvass calls include who, what, where, why, and how because prospects can't just answer with a simple yes or no. Instead they have to think about their answer and this gives you plenty of information to use to build rapport.

Ask Probing Questions

When you get an answer from your prospect, build on it. A key phrase to use here is 'Tell me a bit more about that...' This encourages your prospect to open up further and as you're using the information they've already given you, you know they're happy to expand on their answer. You can always revert to using who, what, where, why, and how to elicit a more detailed response.

Silence is Golden

Another key thing to focus on is silence. Once you've asked a question, wait. Don't rush in to another one, instead take some time and let the prospect think and respond. If you jump in too quickly you'll break the prospect's train of thought and you'll end up clouding the conversation. Ask a question and wait for a response to that question. Don't be afraid of silence!

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Talk About Them

Often you don't have time to do as much research as you would like before cold calling a prospect. So, use this call as an opportunity to really get to know them and their business. Keep the conversation, at least initially, focused on their current recruitment problems. What are they struggling with specifically? When you find out their pain points, encourage them to determine a pain scale. By doing so you're getting to the bottom of the issues they face, and you can then position your agency as a solution.

Be Honest

When a prospect answers the phone to someone they don't know they're already primed to hang up. So be clear about who you are and why you're calling. If the prospect asks if this is a recruitment sales call, say yes. This is a great way to screen your calls and save time by talking to prospects who are OK with a sales call. This is also your opportunity to get a hook in. Start with 'Yes, this is a sales call. I'm calling because...' and make sure your next sentence instantly connects and delivers potential value to the prospect.

Don't Be Overly Familiar

Don't be too friendly either. Prospects will be turned off by inauthenticity, especially if you use an overly familiar tone. You're calling with a purpose. Don't cloud that purpose by using language that confuses a prospect. If they answer the phone and you respond with 'Alright, mate' they'll expect to be hearing from someone they know. Or worse still, if you lie to the gatekeeper and this message is passed on to the prospect, your credibility instantly drops to zero. When your prospect finds out they've never talked to you before, they'll be completely turned off to you and your agency.

So, that's how you do recruitment prospecting calls right. From asking open-ended questions, to getting your tone right, use the above advice to get the best return on your canvass calls.

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