How to Improve Your Client Relationships with Data

Data analysis isn’t just a great way to improve your working methods in relation to candidate sourcing and loyalty, getting to grips with your database will also improve your relationship with clients. Take a look at how we think using your data wisely can ensure your clients come to you ahead of your competitors!

Know your clients' hiring patterns 

SEO Computer Keeping track of your clients’ hiring patterns will allow you to predict when they will reach out to you for help; this is arguably the most valuable piece of information in recruitment.

Knowing what roles you’re working on ahead of your competition means you can tap into your candidate base without the need to compete. Speaking to candidates early with news of a potential opportunity can lead to a quick turn around and therefore a happy client. On top of that, your candidates will know you’re working hard on their behalf to find them their dream job – win win! 

Keep your clients ahead of their competitors

Clients don’t just use agencies to fill roles. Recruitment consultants give them an expert insight into current candidate market and keep them up to date with what their competition are doing.

Hang on to the little things you hear when you’re speaking to candidates; comments regarding money are often a route to a win. Changes in contract daily rates can move fast, your knowledge that an extra tenner a day would secure a gold dust candidate is invaluable. It can be the difference between an in demand candidate choosing your client over their competitor.

Perhaps the job market for a certain type of role is drying up and candidates are queuing round the block. Let your client know about these changes in the market. They might be able to reduce the salary and save themselves a few pennies, that’s bound to get you in their good books!

Provide the right candidates quickly 

We’ve all been in the midst of a Friday afternoon happy haze  – you know, the one after you’ve polished off your traditional Fat Friday lunchtime feast? That’s usually the time when a client calls with an urgent requirement. Perhaps a new start changed their mind that afternoon and the client’s on the hunt for a super duper candidate available to start the following Monday. This is when you will thank your lucky stars for your database!

Your database will let you work reactively, but you should be proactive as well. Keep an eye on your client’s website, speak to staff members and keep a note of which roles you’re not getting the chance to work on. Stay in regular contact with candidates you know are relevant for the roles you're not working. If things go wrong for the client you’ll be able to act as their recruitment saviour – better still, they’re likely to come to you in the first place next time.

For more information on how data analysis can improve your recruitment strategy, you can download our eBook on "Google Analytics for Recruiters" below. 

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Heidi Gardner

Heidi is PhD student at the University of Aberdeen. Her research focuses on the issues surrounding the recruitment of patients into clinical trials.

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