Remote Working Tips for Recruiters (From People Who WFH)

Recruitment is one of the toughest jobs out there, so we’re sure staying motivated isn’t something you struggle with – otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this job! But how easy is it to stay on top form while adjusting to ‘the new normal’ of working from home?

I’ve asked a few of my fellow Fish who already have loads of experience home-working to share their top WFH tips to help us all get to grips with – and even maybe learn to love – being home-based.  

Tip 1: Check in with colleagues regularly  

Recruiter working at home with a sign that says 'do not disturb' stuck to his desk.From Jo Bradford, Growth Specialist

Doing my job from home is actually straightforward on a practical level as I have a laptop, the right software and Wi-Fi. But as a permanent homeworking member of staff, collaborating and socialising with colleagues is a bit trickier.

Instead of emailing, I love to pick up the phone (or make a video call) to my colleagues as it gives me the opportunity to have a more personal conversation and keep in touch.  For me, this has been a crucial way of working with and getting to know my colleagues as I’ve never been around the office. It’s also allowed me to build great friendships without leaving my house!

The best thing about working at home:

Working from home gives you the freedom to really be yourself with prospects without feeling self-conscious about people listening to your phone conversations. And when you’re able to relax and really be yourself on calls, this leads to more successful conversations.

Tip 2: Find your routine and stick to it.

From Katie Paterson, Head of Content

The novelty of having a morning commute that involves taking a few steps from one room to another wears off pretty quickly when you work from home. Soon enough, you start to realise that annoying journey to the office was actually good for gathering your thoughts and getting psyched up for the day!

So find a routine where you get up at the same time every day, maybe do a bit of exercise and get out of your pyjamas (!) before you sit down at your desk – it really helps you get into the right mindset.

The best thing about working at home:

I find it a lot easier to concentrate when I’m working at home, and actually tend to get more done than when I’m in the office!

Tip 3: Have the right tech in place

working from home how it works in recruitment From Matt Jelley, Senior Growth Specialist

When you’re working from home, you need your little world to be connected to the people, companies and platforms that you need to do your job. So have the right systems in place to ensure that you can crack on with your work without being interrupted by a poor internet connection or failing technology.

If your internet is slow at home, try using a Wi-Fi booster or connect your laptop directly to the router with an ethernet cable – otherwise, you’ll get extremely frustrated with it and your days will be unproductive.

The best thing about working at home:

It’s great not having to commute to an office every day. You save money and enough time at the end of the day to get some exercise in before having the whole evening to yourself.

Tip 4: Establish an office area (and only use it for work) 

From William Townsend, Head of DevOps

Try to establish an office area, and when you’re there behave the same way you would in your office.

Even if it’s just the dining table or a desk in the living room, designating this space to be ‘the office’ helps you separate work and home life. You work whilst you’re in ‘the office’ and when you leave it, you leave behind the work as well.

Balance is key as you don't want to be unproductive or get burnt out.

The best thing about working at home:

I enjoy working from home as it means I don’t spend hours on public transport trying to beat the crowds into work – plus, no more getting in late!

Tip 5: Work near a window

From Nick Kirk, Videographer

Locking yourself away for hours on end without natural light or a view (even if it’s just the street) can cause stress and make you rather moody.

If you only have a back room with no windows to work from, take breaks, eat lunch by the window, get out when you can, stretch your legs and get in the day light. It’s good for your mental health and keeps you more productive so you continue to enjoy your work – which will help prevent arguments with whoever you’re cooped up with at your home!

The best thing about working at home:

I enjoy the flexibility of working at home. I can getting the work required done and then get out cycling with the rest of my time! 

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