4 Crafty Christmas Tricks Your Prospects Can't Ignore

It’s already hard enough to grab your prospects’ undivided attention without Christmas getting in the way. So, we’ve put together a list of crafty Christmas-themed strategies that are pretty much impossible for your prospects to ignore.

Disclaimer: Please takes these tips with a pinch of salt – Firefish accepts no liability if you do dare to try them!

1. Sleigh your competition with vide-oh, ho, ho  

We all know video is a great way stand out from the crowd. So when other (less brave) recruiters ‘Christmas-ify’ their videos just by throwing on a Christmas jumper or wearing some tinsel round their neck, you should be thinking about how take it one (or ten) steps further.   

A Christmas video is your opportunity to show your prospects that you’re a fearless recruiter who doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile to get results.

I personally suggest going the whole hog(roast) this Christmas by renting a Santa suit, snow machine and eight reindeer in tow. Put on a real production for your video outreach this Christmas to make sure your clients understand you are a serious recruiter.

2. Drop in on your client (by chimney)

It’s always tough to get client meetings in December; no prospect wants to sit down and discuss vacancies when they’re already switched off and chowing down on the mince pies.

If you’re struggling to get a prospect to take a look at your CVs, get the Santa suit back on, fill your sack with ‘CVs’ (please don’t use real CVs as this would be a GDPR disaster) and show up at the office to give them all a surprise they really aren’t expecting.

What’s more festive than donning your Santa disguise, turning up at the office and inviting hiring managers to come sit on your knee and tell Santa about the perfect candidate they want for Christmas?

The Santa disguise is a fail-proof BD tactic to employ this Christmas. Let’s be honest – it’s 100% guaranteed to work because who has the heart to turn away a visit from Santa, right?

Just remember to make sure your disguise is good enough so no one will remember you if it all goes tits up.

3. Take advantage of your client’s very-merry Christmas

Knowing the date of your clients’ Christmas party is a vital business development lead that any self-respecting recruiter should utilise.

Your client’s Christmas party is the perfect time to negotiate, because it has been scientifically proven that negotiating with prospects under the influence of alcohol is much easier than trying to influence them when they are sober.

So call your toughest client during their Christmas party (ideally between 1am and 3am) to catch them when they’re feeling merry - and most likely to agree to make you the only recruiter on their PSL until next Christmas.  

Just make sure you record the call so you can jog their memory the next morning.

4. Surprise your client after the Christmas party

Anticipating a client’s needs is a great way to prove your worth as a recruiter – so why not anticipate your client’s post-Christmas party hangover? After all, wreaths aren’t the only thing that’ll be ‘hanging’ this Christmas season!

Fill up a box with some traditional hangover cures (I’d recommend paracetamol, antacid tablets and a Bloody Mary mix, and deliver it to your client the morning after the Christmas party to nurse any hangovers in the office.

As a follow-up, you could then send a candidate into their office and get them to say with complete conviction that the prospect offered them a job at the Christmas party, and this is their start date.

Hopefully, the hiring manager will be far too embarrassed by their blackout-drunk behaviour and just accept their new team member without asking any questions.  Surely that’s got to work, right?

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David Connolly

David is a Senior Growth Outreach Specialist at Firefish. After working as a 360 recruiter, he loves innovating recruitment with Firefish Software.

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