Recruitment 2022: 10 Tips for Thriving in a Candidate-Driven Market

At the heart of it, recruitment is all about supply and demand. When candidates are in high demand but low supply, clients really need your help. This makes a candidate-driven market the best time to be a recruiter! 

Sure it's harder to find talent right now, but if you're savvy about the way you work your candidate base, you'll be able to place candidates and please your clients while turning a huge profit.

Here are four of the best tactics from our latest eBook that will help you do just that. Like what you read? Download the full version to read all 10 tips in full.

Let's dive in...

1. Get to know your database

candidate-short-marketA lot of recruiters just see their system as a place that’s full of data and never really get to know its true value.

But in a candidate-driven market, taking time to get to know your existing database is exactly how you’ll find golden nugget candidates that’ll make you the most money. It doesn't take much to do this!

Simply dive into your CRM and segment your candidates into talent pools. These will be based around different criteria such as industry, skills or location. From there you’ll more easily able to identify the most promising candidates that, if given exposure to the right clients in their niche, will turn into viable placements. 

2. Measure your candidate’s commitment

When the market is short of talent, the last thing you need is a flaky candidate that backs after you’ve put a lot of time and effort into them a role.

To guarantee you’ll get a return for your efforts, you need to measure their commitment level.

The idea is to identify whether they’re passive, active or ready to move, so you can disqualify them, or better still, prioritise those that will be easier to place.

3. Create a list of clients to target

To survive this market, you need to align your supply of candidates with the demand of clients. The good news is, recruitment automation can do some of the hard work for you! 

Utilise your candidate matching functionality to pull together a list of clients perfect for your candidate.

Once you have the list, bring the client, their role and their brand to life so you can really sell them to your candidate.

4. Embrace marketing and align it with your goals

When talent is in short supply, candidates don’t magically appear in your CRM – they first need to become aware of you and the jobs you have on. That’s where marketing comes into play! 

For too long now recruiters and marketers have worked in silos. To survive the candidate-driven market, you need to proactively bridge this gap and start to understand just how much your recruitment tactics rely on great marketing. How you ask? Download the eBook below to unlock all 10 tips. Candidate Driven Market

Becki Crossley

Becki is the Senior Content Marketer here at Firefish! She heads up our award-winning recruitment blog.

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