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How to Get a Client Relationship Moving Again

You’ve recognised a great lead and identified the best person to talk to about their recruitment strategy. Everything is going well. But then the conversation stalls, your prospect just isn’t picking up the phone or answering your emails and it doesn’t look like you’re ever going to move things forward. Never fear though, we’ve got 4 great suggestions to help you get things back on track...

1. Prioritise & Park 

How to Get A Client Relationship Moving AgainIt’s time for a reality check. Quickly establish how likely it is for you to turn this relationship around and turn the prospect into a client. If the relationship is stuck and you can’t move it forward – park it! But if there’s a chance you can move things foward, prioritise this relationship and focus on what you need to do to create a positive outcome for both you and the prospect.

2. Target, Target, Target!

Targeting for me is one of my favourite tips for moving along deals in your pipeline. Have you established enough points of contact with this prospect? Do you know who your decision maker is? Have you connected with these contacts on a social level?

Always connect with your prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, or whichever space they frequent online. There are only benefits to doing so! After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You see updates of what Bob the hiring manager at company A is up to on a business AND personal level. You get bombarded with content your prospect IS interested in. I wonder… how could we use all this information to develop our sales relationship with Bob *eye roll*

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3. Engage

There is only so many “I’m just checking in” emails or phone calls we can do before we start to lose face. So, what do I mean when I say engage and how does this help us to create momentum in your sales pipeline? Firstly, we want to develop a mutual relationship. Why not congratulate Bob on landing that new contract - just mentioned on the company LinkedIn page or news section on their website. Perhaps like that tweet Bob has just shared highlighting the struggle for STEM graduates this year – God forbid you re-tweet it! By doing so you might just get in to a tweet-a-thon with Bob around graduates! Or you find some common ground for discussion which will only help you to foster a great mutual relationship with Bob.

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4. Add Value

We can sometimes get a little dial happy. We’re recruiters after all and picking up the phone is one of our first instincts! But before you know it – you’ve called 16 times & left 10 voicemails… and that’s before we’ve taken in to account the 5 emails we have sent in-between. *Spoiler* this is not adding value, this is not helping your relationship and it’s definitely not helping you close that deal. You’re one call away from a restraining order. So, let’s take a step back and take advantage of the other ways we can reach out to our clients.

If you’re good enough (which I am sure you are) to have identified your client’s challenges – use it! Send some content. If it’s valuable enough, it might just spark conversation and get that momentum going. Don’t panic! You don’t have to be an award-winning writer or even share out your own content. Just make sure it’s relevant to what your prospect is struggling with and there’s a good reason for you to send it to them. Always, have a clear outcome in mind.

“Hi Bob,

I saw this blog/video/article, and thought of what we were talking about last time we spoke. I know you have been struggling with [problem] and I think this content could help you to overcome some of those challenges.”

So, those are my four top tips for moving along a stuck client relationship. Stay focused, prioritise, and target key decision makers. Always look to add value but with clear goals in mind and try not to be a like every generic sales person – no one likes to be sold to!

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About the Author: Joanne is a Growth Specialist at Firefish. She loves bringing on board new recruiters who are looking to innovate and recruit smarter. In her spare time, you’ll find her jetting off on holiday, enjoying a catch up with her family, or living in the gym on her latest health kick.

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