Why Your Recruitment Processes Are Dead (And How to Fix It)

It's no secret that recruitment processes drive everything we recruiters do. Without solid systems in place, we would get lost in the number of candidates, piles of CVs, and tons of emails from different clients. The problem is, that a lot of those processes are out of date, and with the competition being fierce as ever, you need to innovate to be ahead of the game.

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of 5 unique ways to upscale your recruitment processes:

Use passive candidate tracking

A good CRM will not only help you track your candidates’ responses but also allow you to identify who might be passively sneak peeking at your jobs! Passive candidate tracking allows you to check in with the quiet ones and see whether they’ve opened a job alert, read through it, or started applying. This way you can better determine what roles to speak to them about and what they’re interested in – meaning, what’s best to sell to them.

It's tough enough to find good candidates at the moment- so placing passive candidates straight from your own database can make a huge difference!

Take advantage of targeted job alerts

Targeted job alerts are a great tool to speak only to candidates who are genuinely interested in your advertised roles. This cuts down the time it would normally take you to cherry-pick from a pool of candidates without the necessary experience, qualifications, or interest.

It's hard to remember every candidate you have interviewed and match them with their perfect job, but targeted, automated job alerts sent straight from your CRM do this for you. This means that if a job comes in that matches one of your candidates, they’ll be notified – even if it’s months down the line! And if that’s not enough for you? Well, being able to then see how candidates respond to these job alerts lets you know who is active, passive, or just not interested at the moment… which means that you can then tailor your nurturing campaigns to suit each type of candidate. So many benefits from just one feature!

Have a killer candidate portal

A good candidate portal can make or break your number of placements. Most of your competitors have them, but a good candidate experience is what will help you get ahead. After all, top talent gets snatched from the market very quickly, so automating your process through a candidate portal will not only save you time but also money.

Your candidate portal should create a partnership between you and your candidate. What does this mean? Well, some of the most important features it needs to have would be allowing your candidates to alert you when they are available or actively looking, upload their own compliance documents (think of all the admin time it will save you!), and keep them up to date with where they are with their interviews.

Make sure your candidate journey is rock-solid

Did you know that over 89% of job seekers drop out of the recruitment process because of a lengthy response time – or lack of responses? This ties to my previous point – candidate experience is a crucial part of making a placement. The way you communicate with your candidates throughout the entire application process can determine whether or not they decide to take on the job. From SMS updates to checking in and keeping your candidates warm. These are all part of what makes a good candidate experience.

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect candidate for your client only for them walk out on you cause you weren’t engaged enough. But educating your clients is also key - make sure they know how sought after your candidate is so that they speed things up from their side.

Don’t forget that a good candidate journey doesn’t stop when you make the placement. You should make sure to check in with your candidate to see how they are finding their new role. This way, if there’s any issues, you get the chance to fix them before they drop out. And the best part? Checking in shows you care and your candidate is likely to refer people to you.

Remember about web integrations

Your candidate journey should involve an easy application process, which means that integrating your website with your CRM is key.

This will allow you to keep everything in one place without having to store little bits of information in a thousand different places. It not only saves us valuable time but can also help manage your budget easier and more efficiently. This is also crucial for GDPR compliance. Your CRM and website should be seamlessly integrated to allow for a smooth, compliant journey for your candidate.

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