6 Recruitment Sales Email Closing Lines That Get Results

It’s likely a large part of your BD processes is spent emailing prospects trying desperately to get a reply. But, it’s easier said than done! While cold emailing is still a really effective way to reach out to new recruitment prospects, we all know getting results from them isn’t easy.

But there are a few things you can do that will improve your recruitment sales email response rate substantially – and one of these is including a powerful closing line. Here’s a run-through of some of the best recruitment sales email closing lines that will almost always get you a response.

1. The value bait

email-responsesClosing line: I have a report on [role] salaries in [location] that’s just been released. Would you like a copy?”.

Why it works: This closing line uses one of the oldest but strongest sales tricks in the book: offering hard-to-find information that they simply can’t refuse in order to open up a dialogue with a prospect.

Pulling together a report based on the insights in your database doesn’t take long, but to your prospect, this information is hugely valuable.

It’s a classic foot-in-the-door sales technique that salespeople have been using for decades – because it works. Chances are high that your prospect’s intrigue will get the better of them and they’ll take the bait, so give this trick a try.

2.  The problem solver

Closing line: “I noticed you’ve been looking for a [role] candidate for a few weeks now. I have a candidate that would be a great fit, would you like to have a chat about them?”.

Why it works: Being a recruitment consultant is all about being a problem solver. The problem: your client can’t find the right person for a job. The solution: your network of perfect candidates.

This approach will tell the client that you’re paying attention and have a genuine interest in the company rather than spraying and praying for an opportunity to make money.

The better you are at spotting the tell-tale signs that a client is struggling with a role, the more often you can present your solution to great effect… if you actually have the candidates to back this up, that is!

3. The FOMO close

Featured-eBook when are candidates most likely to apply for jobsClosing line: “If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow, I’ll assume you’re not interested and take this candidate to another client”.

Why it works: Research suggests that people are twice as affected by losses as they are by gains. This closing line plays on that inherent FOMO (fear of missing out) we all have. Show them what they could miss and they’ll be far too curious to say no.  

Remember, you’re hoping to push them towards your candidate, not scare them off. So watch your tone and word choice! It’s great to include a reasonable timescale so you create a sense of urgency but be careful that you don’t come across too pushy.

4. The presumptuous planner

Closing line: “I’ll send you a calendar invite for [date and time] – sound good?”.

Why it works: Presumptuous closing lines are a fantastic sales technique because they set up a situation where it’s much easier to say ‘yes’ to than ‘no’.

This also confidently removes the hassle of having to email back and forth to arrange a time to chat. If you have confidence in what you have to offer, your prospect will have confidence in you too, so presuming that they will want to hear what you have to say can really push the conversation in a positive direction.

5. The warm call outro

Recruitment_sales_email_templates-FEATClosing line:I will give you a call tomorrow at 10am”. 

Why it works: You can also go one step further with being presumptuous and avoid asking if you can call altogether. 

This means that when you call them, you can refer to your email and they should be expecting you.

It’s also a double-edged closer as it can help you bypass the gatekeeper.

6. The Columbo

Closing line: “I forgot to ask, [difficult question e.g did our competitor offer to slash their rates?]”.

Why it works: I’ve named this closing line technique ‘The Columbo’ after the famous TV detective. He’s no recruiter, but he always catches his suspect with one final killer question.

The idea here is to catch your client when their guard is down. If you were using this technique on a call, you’d wait until the business has been discussed and you’re onto more casual chit-chat. This is when prospects tend to relax a little, so if you can hit them with a tough question in that moment, they’re much more likely to give a really honest answer.

This also works well at the end of an email conversation: aim for that sweet spot after a bit of back and forth when you’re both feeling comfortable. Drop in a closing line with that all-important question you’ve been working up to and they’ll be more likely to give up some juicy information they wouldn’t otherwise have shared.

If your recruitment sales emails could do with some TLC, download the sales email templates below for some inspiration!

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David Connolly

David is a Senior Growth Outreach Specialist at Firefish. After working as a 360 recruiter, he loves innovating recruitment with Firefish Software.

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