Prospecting New Clients on the Web & Social Media

Recruitment is all about supply and demand. You need to find clients who are looking to buy skills and candidates who are willing to sell them. If you can match the two, then you are onto a winner. What happens however when the scale is tipped and you have more candidates than you have jobs? You need to take your social media recruitment skills - combined with your online knowledge - and source new clients who have need of your talents.

That’s where your sourcing skills come in. People talk about sourcing candidates but it’s just as important to know how to source clients!!! So where do you start?

Industry Blogs

Dip into relevant blogs daily to see if there is any news on mergers or acquisition on the winning of new contracts that could lead to a requirement for new staff. Keeping in the loop with what’s going on in industries that you recruit in not only lets you spot possible requirements for staff, it also builds immediate credibility when you are able to demonstrate your knowledge when talking to potential new clients. Win-Win!

TIP: Having e-mails sent to you each time a new blog comes up can be overwhelming. Try using Feedly. You can see all your blogs on one screen and segment them by industry or genre.

Job Boards

You might wonder why we have this here as it’s sometimes referred to as “Ambulance Chasing”. If a potential client has invested in job boards then it’s pretty clear that they want to have a go themselves. In this case, you want to play a long game. If you have candidates that fit the role, let them know and tell them that you understand they don’t want to use an agency. Follow up by stating that if the job boards don’t work then you have a few candidates that would be a great fit. Even if the potential client does manage to fill that role through a job board, you’re now on their mind as being courteous and helpful if they decide to hire again in the future.


Use the advanced search when searching on LinkedIn. Remember you can use the saved search function to save you time if you need to run the search again in the future. The “People Similar To” tool is worth using when you find a good prospect as well, potentially returning an equally good prospect for next to no additional work.
Joining Groups in your target sector is a great idea as well. Answering and asking questions in groups gets you recognised by other professionals as an engaged member of the community. If your search turns up any great prospects, make sure you’re in the same groups as them, then once you have built credibility ask them to connect


Follow the Twitter feeds of companies you would like to do business with. Then create a list in Twitter so that you can quickly jump in and see all the Tweets from these potential clients. Being able to see the tweets of sourced possible clients all together will save you a lot of time. Keep an eye on what they are putting out. Most companies like to announce good news and also staff openings on Twitter. When they do this they tend to put them under a specific #tag like “#developer #jobs. Once you find the suitable #tags you can then use the advanced search to filter on location and accounts!

TIP: A great tool to jump between social media profiles of individuals is “Prophet”. It’s a chrome plugin (currently in beta) and I use it daily. If I was on a Twitter Profile I can use this to jump to their other profiles quickly and it even looks at the web for the person's e-mail address. It’s a gem, and it’s free!


You need to give advice and be present online to receive confidence and business from customers. One of the easiest ways to do that is through blogging. This one takes a bit of time but it’s well worth it in the long-run. Why? It opens virtual doors and builds credibility. You want potential clients to know that you are an active and engaged agency, and if you don’t have an up-to-date blog with interesting posts potential customers may question if you are still relevant - or even open for business!

Where Do I start?

Spend a bit less time on Job Boards sourcing- anyone can do this and the chances are the competition will be stiff. If you are going to spend time on job boards, plant some seeds with companies and let them grow rather than hitting the phones hard. Next, keep an eye out for possible industry trends on Blogs. If you can spot them before anyone else then you are onto a winner. Get familiar with advanced search on LinkedIn and give the “People Similar to” a try and, finally, identify some suitable #tags in your industry and start monitoring them!

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Cameron McLennan

Cameron McLennan works within recruitment technology industry. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and playing golf.

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