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When Are Candidates Most Likely to Apply For Jobs?

We've teamed up with CV-Library and analysed over 1.5 million job applications to bring you the answer!

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How to Increase Your Recruitment Fees Without P*ssing off Your ...

The number of live job vacancies reached a new high in the first quarter of 2022. 

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5 Ways Your Recruitment CRM Is Losing You Money

Recruitment CRMs are the best thing that’s happened to the industry since way back when we used Read More

5 Ways to Slash Your Budget So You Can Invest in the Best CRM

When we reach out to prospects about our award-wining recruitment software, we often hear people’s concerns and ... Read More

5 Hilarious Meeting Disasters We’ve Had With Recruitment Clients

With Covid-19 restrictions easing, client meetings are back on the agenda and we’re all looking forward to some face-to-face time with our ... Read More

5 Ways a Great ATS Will Make You an Awesome Recruiter

You might think that to be an awesome recruiter, you need to have the kind of memory that lets you mentally keep track of everything on your desk. ... Read More

Why Your Recruitment Clients Are Being Slow

We’ve all had to deal with our fair share of clients that move at a snail's pace. But in today’s market, a slow recruitment process can cost you ... Read More

5 Ways Your Business Development Needs to Change in 2022

The recruitment industry changed a lot in 2021. From ‘the great resignation’ to the ongoing candidate shortage the last 12 months threw a lot of ... Read More

5 Deal-Breaking Questions Recruiters Forget to Ask Clients

To get the best hires, you need to ask your clients the right questions when taking on a job.

So instead of asking basic ... Read More

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