10 Amazing Recruitment Tools You Never Knew Existed

It seems that every week new online recruiting tools are appearing on the market to help recruiters research, identify and communicate with great candidates.

Here's an overview of some of the best new recruitment tools we've come across recently, why they're great and how to get your hands on them!

Sourcing tools

Landng page - ultimate guide to sourcing ebook1. LinkedIn Xray Search Tool - This x-ray tool allows you to quickly search through Linkedin profiles based on skills and location. Searching LinkedIn from outside of the platform usually returns much better results than when you're logged in, sp we urge any recruiter looking for an in-demand canidate to give this a bash!

2. Hunter.io - Hunter makes sourcing candidates details easy by letting you find email addresses instantly from any website. It works particularly well on LinkedIn and even let's you build lists of the candidates you’ve sourced in LinkedIn search pages.

For more sourcing tips and tools, read our blog on 7 of the best online sourcing tools for recruiters or download our ultimate guide to sourcing top talent.


Email verification tools

Please use the following tools responsibly and in compliance with GDPR (e.g. only use these tools to gather information that's already publicly available).

We have lots more information on GDPR for recruiters here

recruitment sales emails tools3. Email Extractor – This is a simple tool that allows you to copy/paste in raw text and it will extract and emails amongst all the text and organise them into comma-separated lists to use in emails.

4. Broadlook Contact Capture – This application lets you harvest a webpage full of contacts and pull them into an Excel exporting format. 

5. MailTester – This is a service that gives you a green/red light indication as to whether an email address actually exists or not.


Candidate outreach tools

How to Call Candidates Out of Hours6. Crystal - Crystal is a browser extension that analyses a candidate's online activity to tell you exactly how they like to communicate and what the most effective way to approach them would be. Sounds crazy but believe us - it works!

7. Vidyard - if you really want to stand out from all the other recruiters when reaching out to top talent, you need to start using video in your outreach strategy. Vidyard is an easy (and free) software that allows you to record and embed videos to emails to send to your next placement.

For more tools to improve your candidate emails, read this blog.


Social recruiting tools

paid social feature image8. Falcon.io - Falcon is a Chrome plugin that lists all known or public social media accounts associated with a candidate based on their Twitter handle. So if you have their handle handy, this is the key to unlocking all their other social media networks! And don't worry - we checked and as long as you use the tool respectfully, it's GDPR compliant.

9. Rapportive - Rapportive is a tool (owned by LinkedIn) that plugs into Gmail and lists all associated social networks to the email address you are sending to/receiving from.

10. 360Social – This tool is similar to falcon.io in that it's a Chrome plugin that when you hover over a link to someone’s social profile, whether Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook or other, will display an aggregated list of that person's other social networks.

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