Firefish Software on Recruiters Live Lounge!

This week our CEO, Wendy, sat down to chat to Roy Ripper on the fantastic ‘Recruiters Live Lounge'. You can listen to the whole thing by clicking on the image below!

Wendy McDougall speak to Roy Ripper

It’s a great follow-on for those of you looking for more content after our own podcast pilot with Greg Savage. 

In the podcast, Wendy and Roy discuss how she got her start in Recruitment with Melville Craig, and the belief they showed in her. There’s some great discussion about Wendy’s experiences there, what she learned, and how she managed the market crash when it hit in the middle of a massive growth period (and on her wedding day!)

The real meat of the conversation though covers Wendy’s experience running Firefish; how she sets up her days, and the importance of knowing your basics/setting realistic goals. She even gives out a few hot tips on which tools and techniques she’s using to drive Firefish forward.

Wendy on Recruiters Live Lounge

Roy also asked Wendy to peek into her crystal ball and share her thoughts on how recruitment is developing. Her answer in one word? Excited. 'We’re in a real period of change in the recruitment industry. The relationships and dynamics aren’t changing, but the way we’re packaging those relationships are as we embrace technology.'

My personal favourite development that Wendy sees on the horizon is the opportunity for recruiters to show their creativity, and blend it with their own knowledge to create great job posts and promotions. As she says, recruiters need to start valuing their expertise and passion more, and promoting that as part of the service.

And of course, there’s an excellent lightning round to look forward to at the end of it all. So get listening! (If you haven’t already)

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Alex Blott

Alex is a freelance marketer and podcast host working in Glasgow.

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