9 Christmas Gifts to Send Clients When You’re on a Budget

Giving a little something back to your clients at Christmas is an important part of nurturing strong relationships and can help you secure that repeat business.

But with 2020 being financially tough for most of us, it’s likely the Christmas budget has taken a hit this year.

So how do you stay in your client’s good graces when you don’t have the budget to send them that luxury festive hamper this year?  

These client Christmas gift ideas are perfect if you are on a budget…

1. Branded facemasks (the best gift this year!)

christmas-gifts-for-clientsWearing a facemask has become the norm in 2020 and just like Christmas socks, you can never have too many!

Commissioning some facemasks with your brand logo on will keep your agency front of your client’s mind (and face!).

You could even commission a company that makes reversible facemasks, so you can have your branding on one side and your client's branding on the other.

2. Personalised gifts

Even the most basic gift becomes special when it’s personalised with your name.

Personalise simple gifts like water bottles, coffee mugs or even mini hand sanitisers (a useful gift during a pandemic!) so it’s cost effective but also something your clients will love. It’s a great route to go down when cash is a bit tight.

3. An additional recruitment service

Featured-Blog-3Give your client a free recruitment service taster as a Christmas gift, such as Hiring Manager interview training. If they see returns on the service you provide, they’ll be happy to pay for it in the future. 

To give it some festive flair, design a gift voucher for the free service and pop it into a Christmas card so they still have something to open and it feels more like a physical present.

4. Run a festive competition

Set up a Christmas competition where your clients have the chance to win one big prize and channel your budget into that.

A competition will stir some excitement and give your clients something fun to look forward to. And because you only have to give one gift to the lucky winner – it’s really cost effective!

5. Branded Zoom background

marketing-ideas-for-xmasZoom calling has become synonymous with 2020, and many businesses plan to continue remote working after the pandemic.

So why not commission a designer to make some Zoom backgrounds that you can send to your clients? Use their company branding so it’s personal and they can use it all year round.

It’s a creative and cost-effective gift that will keep front of mind in every video call they make. 

6. A working from home bundle

Putting together a few things that will make working from home more enjoyable is a nice, original gift that will go down well this year.

Include things that you clients will need when they’re working from home like, mousepads, mugs, notebooks, day planners and pens. You can get a lot of these items branded with your company logo, so when they’re scrambling around their kitchen looking for stationary, they’ll be thankful to you for your gift!

7. A Company Calendar

why-december-is-the-most-important-monthEveryone is excited about leaving 2020 behind, so why not get your clients ready for 2021 with a branded calendar? This is another gift that your clients can use all year round – so your company branding will be right in front of them when they are considering which recruiters to give jobs to.

If your budget is tight, just get your calendar branded with your own company logo. But if you have a little more budget, create a calendar with both your client’s and your branding on it.

8. A Christmas bauble

Every year, one of my clients sends me a branded Christmas tree decoration and I love it! I really look forward to it arriving each Christmas and now I have a whole collection of them.

The good thing about sending Christmas decorations is it can be as inexpensive as you like. You can choose to get bespoke baubles made using your branding, or you can buy some decorations and customise them yourself with your logo.

9. Grow your own plant kit

When we first went into lockdown, our Head of Happiness, Vicki, sent us one of these to brighten up our new home offices - and everyone loved it. We still give each other updates about how well our plants are doing (or not doing!) on our group chat.

It’s a great gift idea for clients as it’ll stand out from the generic bottles of wine they receive from your competitors.

Include a message like, ‘It’s been great helping your business grow this year’ for bonus points!

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Joanne Causer

Joanne is a Senior Growth Specialist at Firefish. She loves bringing on board new recruiters who are looking to recruit smarter.

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