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eBook: How to Set Personal Recruitment KPIs to Become a Top Biller

We all want to be making more placements, but what clearly defined actions will get you to that ultimate goal?In this eBook, we look at how to set your own personal recruitment goals that are realistic, manageable and tailored specifically to how you work.


5 Films That Sum Up Running a Recruitment Agency

Sometimes I feel we should put things into perspective, take a step back, and take a lighter look at the battles ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Recruitment Software For Your Agency

When it comes to picking new recruitment software, it's important to make the most informed choice possible. We've ... Read More

Should You Still Look for 360 Degree Recruiters?

Let's face it, the job of a 360 degree recruiter has become more and more intensive over the last 5 years. A ... Read More

ROI - It's Not Just All About Money

We talk a lot about recruitment ROI being in the ‘I’ of the Beholder. But the R of the ROI piece is equally ... Read More

What Can We Learn from the Top Performing Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment is an ever-changing landscape, and it's increasingly competitive too. To help, we've put together an ... Read More

[Podcast] Peter Gold on the Power of 'Why'

Peter Gold, founder of Storifyd and ultra-marathon runner, joins Wendy to talk about the power of why, mysterious ... Read More

6 Ways to Inspire Your Recruiters to Get Behind You as a Leader

Running a recruitment agency is hard at the best of times. From day to day admin tasks, to getting on with your ... Read More

7 Ways to Value Your Recruitment Business

When you first start a recruitment agency, you'll be focused on the smaller goals like getting through your first ... Read More

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