6 of the Best Recruitment Sales Blogs You Should Bookmark

Reading great sales blogs is something that the most successful salespeople do religiously, as they're a continuous source of inspiration for new sales strategies to keep them top of their game. But did you know that practically all of this stuff is really easily transferrable to recruitment?

Here’s my list of the 6 best and most valuable sales blogs on the internet at the moment. Bookmark these blogs, make reading them part of your daily routine and you’re guaranteed to improve your sales performance and results.

1. Sales hacker

This blog has everything you need to up your BD game: How-tos, downloadable guides, sales podcasts with some of the top most respected sales people around the world – the lot. And the majority of the content they publish can be easily related to recruitment, one way or another. 

It’s a really meaty website and probably has the biggest readership of all the blogs in this list, which is why they dub themselves ‘the leading community for modern sales people’.

Get this one bookmarked, it’s well worth your time!

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2. Gong.io

Gong.io is actually a piece of software that larger sales teams use to collect data on the calls they make and then use that data to influence sales strategy.

However, they also happen to have a great blog that provides content suitable for both recruiters and recruitment mangers too. Pretty much everything they write about is backed up by cold hard data from analysing 100s of thousands of calls using their product, so the advice they give is solid and reliable.

The blog is full of actionable tips and some of them will really challenge what you might’ve previously been taught about sales strategy. I read this one weekly!

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3. Close.com

Similarly to Gong, Close.io is a sales software business that also runs a great blog.

Doing business development in recruitment is tough, so sometimes we need a good balance of practical advice and a bit of humour to get us through the long, dark days – and this blog has both in abundance.

This opening line in a recent blog paints the Close.io picture: “Unless you’re cold calling someone whose office is on fire, there’s a good chance they have time for you.”

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4. Salesfolk

I’m sure anyone working in this industry will agree that one of the hardest aspects of working in industries like recruitment and sales is the fact it’s really bloody hard to get the person you are looking to talk to onto the phone!

Sometimes we need to resort to email, and if you get the formula right – it can certainky work. And this is where the sales folk blog comes in: the whole blog focusses on perfecting your sales emails (it’s an email template-generating software business, so you can see why this is their focus!).

The blog is full of hints on tips on mastering email, so well worth a read if email is a big part of your BD strategy via email.

We’ve also got a sales email template tool for recruiters you should check out too!

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5. Social Media Examiner

You’ve all heard the saying “Recruitment is marketing” haven’t you? Well this blog is at the forefront of its field. And before you come out and say “what’s social media and marketing for to do with sales?” I have one thing to say: Social selling!

Social selling is one of the most important sales tactics for recruiters, so this blog is a real game changer when looking to experiment or upgrade your social selling strategy as it’s filled to the brim with content on emerging social media trends and cool new tools entering the market.

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6. The Sales Blog

This aptly named blog is run by sales leader and motivational speaker, Anthony Iannarino. It’s a really valuable resource for sales professionals around the world, and Anthony has been doing this since most of us were still in school – the blog archives go back as far as 2008!  

From podcasts to free desktop wallpapers, you can find pretty much anything sales related you could need on this blog – which is probably why it’s amassed 800,000 followers over the years!

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And last but not least! An excellent bonus blog to bookmark would of course be the Business Development section of the Firefish blog (not that I’m biased of course!).

It’s entirely dedicated to helping recruiters up their sales game, and the content is divided into subsections on sales, prospecting and account management, so you can easily find the resources you're looking for.

We all know BD is one of the hardest parts of doing this job - try the productivity hacks below to help you get more done in less time.

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Cameron McLennan

Cameron McLennan works within recruitment technology industry. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and playing golf.

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