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eBook: How to Set Personal Recruitment KPIs to Become a Top Biller

We all want to be making more placements, but what clearly defined actions will get you to that ultimate goal?In this eBook, we look at how to set your own personal recruitment goals that are realistic, manageable and tailored specifically to how you work.


5 Ways to Do Recruitment Networking Right

For me, face to face networking still has a (big) place in recruitment. After all, we do work in a relationship ... Read More

Here are the Best Times to Make Business Development Calls

One of the biggest objections prospects have is receiving a call from ... Read More

How to Do Recruitment Canvass Calls Right

You only have a limited amount of time when talking to prospects by phone. Often, their first response to a ... Read More

How to Say No to a Prospect

A job comes in from a prospect you've been chasing for months and you get excited, thinking: 'At last, this is my ... Read More

4 of the Very Worst Sales Emails Ever

At Firefish, we get loads of spam emails every single day and all we do is click the spam button. Well, for the ... Read More

4 Reasons Why Clients Tune Out During Prospecting Calls

We've all had those days where you question if you're any good at the "sales" part of recruitment. Call after call ... Read More

How Marketing Can Add Value to Your Recruitment Process

The job market is buoyant but with massive changes in how clients buy and candidates search for jobs, traditional ... Read More

Killer Questions to Ask Hiring Managers

When it comes to selling hiring managers on your expertise, there’s plenty to think about. Most of the time, ... Read More

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