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When Are Candidates Most Likely to Apply For Jobs?

We've teamed up with CV-Library and analysed over 1.5 million job applications to bring you the answer!

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How to Use Automation Without Sounding Like a Recruitment Robot

If you’re trying to keep your database of candidates engaged, automation tools ... Read More

5 Things Recruiters Can Learn From Top Performing Salespeople

When you look closely at top-performing salespeople, they all tend to share similar habits and behaviours that helped them get to the top.

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7 Zoom Fails Recruiters Must Avoid

2020 was the year of the Zoom call. Moving your meetings online while working from home comes with definite perks, but I’m sure we’ve all had our ... Read More

8 of the Best Firefish Recruitment Crowdcasts From 2020

With the whole world going online this year, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been the year of online recruitment events and Crowdcasts!

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Recruitment Sales in 2020 (and How to Get Over It)

2020 has been pretty sh*t for recruiters. Winning jobs during a global hiring freeze has to be one of the most ... Read More

9 Christmas Gifts to Send Clients When You’re on a Budget

Giving a little something back to your clients at Christmas is an important part of nurturing strong relationships and can help you secure that ... Read More

How to Keep Your Sh*t Together When Doing Recruitment BD in a ...

Recruitment sales is a hard slog for most of us right now. It’s much harder than last year to win jobs, we’re ... Read More

4 CRM Tricks That Will Boost Your Recruitment Sales

Every agency recruiter is focusing on winning jobs right now. So if you want to take your share of today’s job ... Read More

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