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eBook: How to Set Personal Recruitment KPIs to Become a Top Biller

We all want to be making more placements, but what clearly defined actions will get you to that ultimate goal?In this eBook, we look at how to set your own personal recruitment goals that are realistic, manageable and tailored specifically to how you work.


What Recruiters Can Learn from Top Performing Sales People

During my time at Firefish as a sales person, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with hundreds if not thousands ... Read More

5 Simple Ways to Stay Focused at Work

We’ve all been there, it’s 60 minutes before an important client meeting, you are reviewing your notes before you ... Read More

How to Become an Authority Within Your Niche

Becoming influential in the recruitment industry is difficult. Fortunately, I’ve got ... Read More

Let's Get Realistic With Your Numbers

Recruiters are often an optimistic bunch. They predict future sales with absolute certainty, but these deals don’t ... Read More

Nail the Basics and Smash Your Targets

There are few magic secrets to over achieving on your sales targets, and we all know the people that do best, ... Read More

The Power of Positive Thinking!

We all have our bad days, days when we feel like the world is falling down around our feet, and we’re losing ... Read More

How Healthy is Your Sales Pipeline?

Deadwood in your sales pipeline is weighing you down. With the arrival of spring, it’s high time that you cleared ... Read More

4 Myths About Top Performing Sales People Debunked

Performance varies across a sales team, and what works for one member may not work for another. Despite this ... Read More

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